It took me a long time to realize that my portfolio is only one part of my style, my works and my capability. Other and equally important part is myself. ​So, here I am. My name is Sirli, 30 years old and married, who believes in eternal love. I have practiced photography for personal interest for several years, however professionally since 2016 when I started my studies in photography curriculum at Tallinn Polytechnic School. Graduated 2018 granting me a photographers vocational certificate.

Currently, I am living in Norway (and spending my free time in Estonia), because my heart (husband) lives there. I'm a hugger, a life lover, an inspiration seeker and a sucker for everyday magic. I search for the authentic moments that beg to be turned into memories. I love the changes of seasons, the colors of autumn, great coffee and I have a big love for beautiful wide open spaces, mountainscapes and the sea. I have always had a strong connection with the nature and I am happy when I can express that in my pictures. I am extremely passionate about capturing people in love and the beauty of a relationship.


I want to get to know who You are and not just arrive, take photos and leave. I deeply care about my clients and I want to create emotional and sincere images which you will cherish forever. When you look at them in 20 year and still get the emotions from your wedding day - then I did my job right.

I like to consider myself as a storyteller. In my stories I aim for simplicity mixed with dynamics of pure emotions. My script can be characterised with a focus to the smallest of details as well as a thought which guides me the most "catch an emotion while keeping a hint of unexpectedness". I wish to meet You, who are madly in love, who are not afraid to get your dress a little dirty for a great shot and don’t mind a little wind in your hair. I strive to creatively document the true essence of your important day in your life. For me all those small moments, that go past in a flash, are priceless – the laughter and tears of happiness, excitement in your looks and smiles - these moments are those that you remember with joy over the years.

For me photography is not about the medium itself. It's about those moments there are no words for. I want to tell your story by capturing those moments that occur throughout the time we spend together. It`s all about You, as a couple and what is between you as well as your story as two lovers.

With  ♡  Sirli

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